Simple HTML Redirect Page Code

This code may be used to redirect from source domain to any target domain.

Most useful is to name it as index.html and put it to main folder to domain hosting of source domain.


HTML Redirect code

Filename: index.html

  • Source domain (original domain) is where is placed this file index.html
  • Redirect timer: 3 seconds
    • Timer noted in: ...content = "3; ...
  • Target domain: (Redirect to)
    • Target domain is noted in ... url="

HTML Source code

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3;url=">
	In 3 seconds you will be redirected to

Usual mistakes:

  • You name the domain with wrong filename like:
    • filename Index.html instead index.html
    • filename index.txt (or else) instead of index.html
  • You make mistakes in "" characters
  • You erase one or more <> or other characters and the code won't be valid

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