Rome Total War - Play as Rebels

Playing as Rebels in Rome Total War

  • Patch RTW with latest patch
  • Unlock Rebels Faction in game files
  • Beware of glitches because Rebels was not mean to play. So Save game often
  • Rebels Gameplay tips

  • Rebel faction loose a lot of money from start. Move capital to Athens to change it. Then sidband unneccerasy troops
  • Rebel cities dont revolt with 0 public order. Use this advantage, and have high taxes if needed. Simmilar advantage has SPQR
  • If rebel army is defeated or withdrawn from battle as defender, whole army is destroyed and disappears. So all the time fight at least on autobattle
  • Rebel armies and ships are spawning on map. Use it, especially when army with general spawns (usually 2 or 3 command general. Protect your generals
  • Rebels are perfect for tactics "Spawn, Attack, Raze, Run". Have a great navy to support this tactics.
  • If you took enemy city and you could not hold it, destroy city buildings if needed
  • Rebels do not have family tree, mariages, and childrens until you destroy first faction and their family tree became Rebels. But you wont see it in Family tree
  • Rebel subfactions tips

  • Rebel faction has 6 rebel subfactions, each with own flag - Carthage (Sphinx), Greek (Flower), Egypt (Hand), Eastern (Camel), Rome (Uprising rebel), Barbaric (Amphora)
  • Every rebel city can recruit units and build buildings allowed for this rebel flag subfaction
  • Barbaric faction can recruit only ships and is practically unusable
  • If you empty rebel city, and arrive there with rebel army of different subfaction, the city subfaction changes too. Use it for eliminating barbaric rebel cities
  • Best faction is Rome with most units available, but appears only later in game. Second best is Eastern due Horse archers. Greek has hoplites, carthage has supreme combat horses, egypt has bowman
  • Combine recruiting of different subfactions. Use mercenaries too, if needed
  • Rebel units to rectuit

    Rebel Units to Recruit Carthage (Sphinx) Greek (Flower) Egypt (Hand) Eastern (Camel) Rome (?) Barbaric (Amphora)
    Peasants yes yes yes yes yes no
    Militia Town Militia (3 / 7) Militia Hoplites (7 / 10) - Eastern Infantry (3 / 10) ? no
    Basic Infantry Iberian Infantry (7 / 8) Hoplites (9 / 18) - - ? no
    Other Infantry         ? no
    Base Cavalry Round Shield Cavalry (Alt) Greek Cavalry (9 / 11) Egyptian Chariots (13 / 1)(BlackSmith) Pontic Heavy Cavalry (9 / 9)(Alt) ? no
    Peltast Cavalry Numidian Javelimen Cavalry (Alt)(7-10 / 8) Militia Cavalry (9-9 / 9)     ? no
    Advanced Cavalry Long Shield Cavalry (8 / 13)       ? no
    Archer Cavalry       Horse Archers (3-7 / 2)(Alt) ? no
    Peltasts Numidian Javelimen (4-7 / 4) Peltasts (6-9 / 7) Skirmishers (3-6 / 4) no ? no
    Archers     Bowman (2-7 / 2) Archers (3-7 / 2) ? no
              ? no

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