Settlers II - 10th Anniversary Tips

There is the strategy guide with tips for better gameplay or game Settlers II - 10th Anniversary. Settlers 2 - 10th anniversary was based on game mechanics of the older game Settlers II.

The mayor game mechanics changes in 10-th anniversary are:

Wikings Addon - I recommend to install this addon, not only to get new Wikings missions, but also you will have automatically turn off Coin Usage in military buildings even in base Rome Campaign

Military Tactics

In old Settlers II the many your soldiers get stuck in many military buildings out of the frontier just because the military building needs to be occupied at least with one soldier. The general trapped somewhere far from frontier was a big loss in original Settlers II. Even. Even the whole amount of soldiers was often not enough to full all buildings in territory. In that case the player need to choose, what way to expand, and what type of buildings to do.

In 10th Anniversary version is the evacuation of soldiers from military buildings, that created the hugest change in gameplay. Now your soldiers can left the non-critical military buildings, but military buildings still maintain their claimed land. Your soldiers can travel and be present only in frontiers of your empire

Soldier Tips

Mints & Promoting Soldiers

Soldiers allocation goal

Other notes to Gold Minting

Catapults & Stones

Building military buildings

Attacking the enemy

Start of the game & Economy

Starting of campaign

Second Stage

Lighthouse building and expeditions

Late stage economy

Special tips

Usefull links

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